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Carpet vs. Hard floor

Having to furnish your new home or renovate your old one is always an interesting challenge but taking care of your floor is a dilemma that many people like to avoid. Eventually you will need to address this issue however. You need to decide whether you want to have a carpet or a hard floor in your rooms. Of course with some rooms it is never a discussion because there is only one winner – hard floor. Putting a carpet of any sort in your kitchen isn’t the smartest idea at all. There are many smells and fumes and this will wear your carpet down quickly. Furthermore you are always in danger in spilling stuff on it and damaging it permanently. You also want to be able to walk freely around your kitchen and if there are any wrinkles on the ground you risk tripping and dropping whatever you are carrying in that very moment. The same goes for your bathroom. Yes, some people put little rugs or mats there but that’s it. You can’t have a carpet there as it is going to get soggy – actually it will get soaking wet.

It is always “either, or”

But when we get to the living room or the bedroom you are facing a tough decision. There are pros and cons about having a just a bare floor or a fancy carpet there. Honestly having a carpet, however, might be the better idea. Floors are easier to maintain this is absolutely clear. You do not even need to vacuum them very often. When there is dust, hairs or any other sort of dirt it is immediately visible. You can simply scoop it or use a wet mop on it and it will be just fine. But the hard floor doesn’t look very visibly pleasing. Your room isn’t as beautiful and there is no softness to it.

Carpets on the other hand have a few advantages. They add:

  • Style
  • Warmth
  • Dust absorption
  • Sound proofing

This is where the discussion ends

A nice and well-made carpet always gives a higher level of style to your room. The colour is completely up to you and you can decide what will go well with your upholstery, table, TV etc. Setting foot on a high quality rug always gives a feeling of coziness and comfort. Carpets also keep a room warmer and a level of soundproofing for people who live below you. Cleaning it however is an interesting subject.  It will absorb a large amount of the dust which is good but you should suck out this dust using a vacuum cleaner at least once or twice a week. Problems occur when some dirt gets on them or if there is a spill. You can apply some soap on a wet cloth and rub gently but if you are afraid of damaging the carpet it might be a smarter idea just to call professional cleaners. A number of them can be found all across the UK.

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