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How to clean and organize your garage

Garage CleaningYour garage is certainly the most cluttered and unorganized area of your household. But it doesn’t have to be like this and if you like the idea of having a clean, tidy and organized garage here is want you should do.

First you have to decide if you are going to use professional help from the many companies on the market. My personal preference goes to Cleaning Services London but you can choose whichever you like, just make sure to check their online reputation. If you don’t want to risk it, have a lot of time and want to save the money for something else than keep on reading and do it yourself.

Commence by setting aside an entire weekend for your garage cleaning project. Also don’t tackle the mess in your garage on your own. Instead involve your entire family into the garage cleaning project by assigning tasks to everyone.

The first thing that you must do when you start the garage cleaning is to remove all the clutter. While you are removing the clutter group it into three separate pills, one for the items that you will keep, one for the items that you will throw away and one for the items that you will either donate or sale at a yard sale. Once you have cleared the clutter mount shelves on your garage walls. This way you will increase the storage capacity of your garage and you will be able to sort the items that you keep in your garage in a more organized matter.

Next clean the floor of your garage by washing it with a mixture of water and soap. If you notice any stains and spots on the floor treat them with bleach if the water and soap mixture doesn’t remove them. However don’t use large quantities of bleach, as bleach is a harmful chemical that can cause you health complications.

Garage CleaningContinue by buying a number of plastic containers with lids. Within the container you will place all items that are of the same category. Once that a container is filled you will close it and place it on the shelves that you have mounted on your garage walls. By doing so you will know what is where and you will be able to find it more easily when you need it.

Now you should turn attention to your garage’s door. Clean your garage door meticulously by removing all the dust and dirt from it. Don’t forget to turn extra attention to the railings on which your garage doors mounted. If the railings are too dirty by may block the door’s movement. More tips on packing and cleaning are available at the website of End of Tenancy – a professional cleaning company from London.

Once that you have cleaned your garage and placed all your items into the appropriate containers and arranged the container on the shelves, park your car within your garage and commence planning the yard sale during which you will sell all your unnecessary items.